What is a Statement of Information?

If you have chosen to organize your business as a corporation or an LLC and have filed your Articles of Organization/Incorporation, you have 90 days to file a Statement of Information with the State of California.


After the inital filing, corporations and LLCs have an ongoing duty to continue filing an updated Statement of Information as set forth below.


Corporations  must re-file the Statement of Information annually. Additionally, an updated Statement of Information must be filed anytime the corporation: (1) moves, (2) elects new officers, (3) adds or deletes directors, (3) changes the name of its registered agent for service of process, or (4) changes the type of business the corporation is engaged in.


LLC's must re-file their Statment of Information biennially.  They must also re-file upon any change to: (1) the name of the limited liability company; (2) the name and/or address of the agent for service of process required to be maintained; (3) the street address of the LLC's principal executive office; or (4) the name and complete business or residence addresses of any manager, officer or the Chief executive officer, if any.  If the LLC is a member-managed LLC, the LLC must refile the Statement of Information if the name and/or business or residence address of each member changes; or if the principal business activity of the LLC changes.


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