Let's Change the Game

Because quality legal services shouldn't be a luxury item.

At HSO Law, we believe that quality legal services and personal attention do not justify an exorbitant price-tag. We've built this firm by representing clients who posses both integrity and a passion for what they believe in, rather than seeking out the clients with the deepest pockets. It is our goal to build life-long relationships with our clients and we understand that we must remain affordable in order for our clients to be able to bring us all of their legal issues, big or small.


HSO Law assists its clients in every step of the process, including the drafting, negotiation, and review of various types of contracts including company formation documents, client services agreements, stock purchase agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Patent License Agreements, Lease Agreements, partnership agreements, partnership dissolution agreements, mergers, asset purchase agreements, employment and independent contractor agreements, employee handbooks, operating agreements, and more. 


Our transactional practice is designed to serve small and medium-sized business. Many of our small business clients have never previously sought legal advice when they walk through our doors. It is vitally important to us that our clients understand every step of the process without being overwhelmed by information or sticker shock. When you first speak with one of our attorneys, we take the time to have an in-depth conversation about your business, you goals, your fears and the players involved in making your business succesful. With your help, we develop an action plan for protecting your business, keeping in mind the financial constraints of the small business.  


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